Okay, let's get the obvious out of the way... FAT THOR??? Really? Yes, it was funny. What a shocker! Everyone laughed.

I LAUGHED... but like any joke, it got old really quick and here's why:

Character growth. 

After their failure to defeat Thanos at the end of Infinity War, all the Avengers are left sad, depressed, etc. No problem there. It would be natural to have that kind of reaction and to have character react to it in different ways. Having lost everyone he loved over the course of the MCU movies, Thor has more reason than most to be hit by the loss which is amplified by what he sees as his personal failure to bring an end to it. I get that. I though the call to arms with a chance to undo his failure essentially would snap into in action. It didn't & that whole Dude from Big Lebowski thing really started getting on my nerves. Look at it this way, for a character arc with that scenario to be satisfying in the end, I feel that the character needs to have that moment when they come back, bigger and stronger than ever. We never get that here.

Let me run through the retrieval of the stones one by one.

Starting with that Reality Stone & where they missed a real moment to bring Thor back to being Thor. After that heartfelt with his mother and the Hammer back in hand, there should have been a spark of the old Thor. There wasn't much of one. Compared to Rocket—who also lost everyone he loved in the universe—who's in the game and ready to kick ass, the retrieval of the stone felt flat. 


The Mind Stone & The Space Stone - who didn't love Cap's Hail Hydra moment? Awesome! The throwback to the elevator scene in Winter Solider and the fight with himself to get the scepter was spot on. As was Tony and Scott's retrieval of the Tesseract. You think they got it done, yeah! Then they lose it spectacularly. There trip further into the past was equally satisfying. 


The Time Stone - Since I honestly thought they would go back and get it from Dr. Strange himself, I liked seeing the Ancient One in play. And who didn't love Professor Hulk? He got a little goofy from time to time (and they never really addressed Hulk's unwillingness to show up in Infinity War) but overall enjoyable. 


The Power Stone - throwing back to Peter Quill's dance intro in GOTG was a fun way to do it. The use of Nebula to draw Gamora and Thanos back into play was pretty clever. Big beef with that later, but good. 


The Soul Stone - So you have to sacrifice what you love most to retrieve the stone. Okay, in essence Clint had already done that. (tear worthy) Putting that aside, I can accept that what Natasha and Clint have left in the world that they most love is each other. One might have thought that their willingness to die to save the other might have been enough to gain them the stone. It was heartbreaking in the end. Yes, I cried. But basically, I don't see any real reason that Natasha had to die.

The Final Battle - Thor should have been able to put on the f'in gauntlet. God knows, he desperately needed a moment of redemption. Beyond that, the final battle was thrilling. Seeing everyone come together when those portals start opening was incredible. Bringing back those who were dusted, so many heartfelt moments. Really, Tony hugged Peter. So huge. Cap being worthy to wield the hammer might have been the best freaking moment of the movie. Personally, I think Thanos got off a little easy in the end. While I get that technically Tony did kill him, I wanted to see someone get that moment. Thor could have, face it, he'd almost done it before when Thanos had the gauntlet on. Again another chance to redeem him. Captain Marvel could have done it. Could have blown right through him while he wasn't looking. The end. Wanda could have done. According to the comic books, she has the power. I would have loved to see her have her moment of payback for Vision. Basically, I wanted to see him die. With pain. While getting dusted had its poetic justice, it could have been much more spectacular and a truly pivotal moment for another character. 

The Ending - Okay, I write time travel romance and to be fair, I've broken a few temporal laws myself, but in taking Thanos from 2013 and never returning him, they basically undid half of the movies from that point on. If all the stones HAD to be put back in their proper spots in the past (as they insisted they did) for the continuum of the original timeline to move on, then so did Thanos. He didn't. That means GOTG could have finished on track since Ronan was already on the job, but did Gamora & Nebula get back to do their part? Who knows! Peter Parker comes back after a five year absence and his friends are still in high school? Unless everyone of them was snapped, I can't see how Far From Home is going to work. 

Moreover, if Thanos didn't go back that means the snap never happened to begin with. There's my biggest beef with the whole thing. 

That and Cap staying in the past. Cap who doesn't tolerate bullies and injustice somehow sat back and watched the past 70 years go by, watched Bucky get turned into a villain?, without once coming out of hiding? I don't think so. Please tell me that move created an alternate reality. That's the only reason I can come up with to explain that. 


I love Tony got his moment.


Overall an enjoyable movie if you don't think too hard about it. I'll look forward to seeing where the MCU goes on from here. 

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