A LAIRD TO HOLD (A Laird for All Time Book 5)

A journey through time to save one life jeopardizes the lives of everyone Scarlett holds dear in this finale of the Laird for all Time series.


Scarlett would do anything to save her unborn baby, even return to a time she never thought she’d see again. Not for a moment had she missed the constant scrutiny of a celebrity life. To reappear now, inexplicably pregnant in the eyes of the modern world would create a media circus, but Scarlett knows she can overcome any obstacles with Laird at her side and the help of new friends drawn together across time itself by the enigmatic Scotsman known as Auld Donell.

The crafty old Scot had been busy over the years, not just meddling in Scarlett’s life but browsing through time, tweaking history and changing the fates of his other ‘projects’. Connor and Emmy. Hugh and Claire. They’d all received a second chance at love, but are unaware of how closely they’re connected despite the years separating them. Unaware of how their Fates are entangled. And unaware of how Auld Donell’s ‘master plan’ to right a few wrongs of his own will put all their lives in peril against an unforeseen enemy.

Laird Hepburn spent years enjoying his wife’s fantastic tales of the future world, but he’d never expected—or wanted to see it for himself. Now to ensure the survival of his unborn bairn and protect his family, he must face that alien world head on.

Alas, the future holds more surprises and danger than any of them had anticipated. Soon, Laird realizes that in order to avert disaster and save the lives of his loved ones, he may be forced to sacrifice his own.

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Incredible! This book and the whole series is just wow. Can't wait to read anything and everything else she has written!


WOW! I was so excited to see another book in this series and so sad to see it’s the end. Angeline Fortin is one of my favorite authors. In this book she touched on so many current issues while keeping on track with hot highlanders, passion and a story line that had me guessing till the end. I know she said it’s the finale but why hints about future characters? We can only hope!

DB Nogotta

Fantastic Finale! I enjoyed this book because it brought all the characters from the other series into one great ending. The book brings all the characters together & helps you understand why characters were set in their time. Anyone liking time- travel romance series will enjoy ALL these "A Laird for All Time" novels.

Amazon Customer

Sure hope this isn't the last in the series! Auld Donell (my cousins name) is back again with all my favorites from this series, lots of twists and turns and braw braw Scots to make a girl smile (or swoon)!
Sure do hope for more!!


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