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A LAIRD FOR ALL TIME ~ The Complete Series Books 1-5


Four modern day heroines find themselves facing an unpredictable future when time connects them to Highlanders of old. Once they discover that a mysterious Scotsman called Auld Donell has been manipulating the past, they must fight to keep the love they've found for all time.


After ten long years of education and residency, Dr. Emmy MacKenzie feels the time is long overdue for a vacation. A little “me” time. A little alone time. But when travelling the British Isles, a twist of fate at the gates of the ancient castle of Duart hurls Emmy more a hundred years into the past and into the arms of a magnificent highlander who thinks she is his long-lost wife, Heather MacLean!

On the run, Claire and Hugh hide away from the agents pursuing them but cannot hide from the undeniable desire that ensnares them and both must face their pasts, the loss and heartache that plagues them if they hope to discover that there is a true time and place for every Highland laird.

Actress Scarlett Thomas never wanted fame. Now she’s ready to make big changes, but she could never have imagined how big those changes might turn out to be. When an old Scotsman named Donell directs her to an ancient claymore, Scarlett slips back 500 years to a time when her modern struggles are dwarfed by a far more dangerous conflict brewing between Scotland and England and into the arms of a Laird beyond her imagination.

As they try to fight against their growing attraction, they are confronted by choices that they never imagined they'd have to make. Will they seize their second chance before the Battle of Flodden separates them forever?

When she was accidently pushed into a wormhole, Allorah ‘Al’ Maines never imagined she’d be thrown back in time, land at the feet of a gorgeous Highlander… and taken as his prisoner.
Al is awestruck by the savage Scot who chained her up in his dungeon. But once she emerges from her cell, she finds herself even more captivated by the roguish Highlander he’s transformed into. An undeniably enticing manifestation of all her secret fantasies. Ones she’s tempted to explore. No matter what the fairytales say, Al knows passion fades and lust dies.  Keeping her heart intact and planning for a future on her own is the only way their story can end.
Can Keir convince Al to share a life with him before she walks away forever?

Not for a moment had Scarlett missed the constant scrutiny of a celebrity life. Now, to save her unborn child, she has no choice but to reappear, inexplicably pregnant in the eyes of the modern world. But Scarlett knows she can fight the media circus with Laird at her side and the help of new friends drawn together across time itself by the enigmatic Scotsman known as Auld Donell.
The crafty old Scot had been busy over the years, not just meddling in Scarlett’s life but browsing through time, tweaking history and changing the fates of his other ‘projects’. Connor and Emmy. Hugh and Claire. They’d all received a second chance at love, but are unaware of how closely they’re connected despite the years separating them. Unaware of how their Fates are entangled. Now Auld Donell’s ‘master plan’ will put all their lives in peril against an unforeseen enemy.

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