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Dying gave her the love of her life…

It was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime. Curator Mikah Bauer had always been fascinated with Scotland, yearning to visit the castles and dreaming of the same handsome Highlander. So when she has the chance to visit Glasgow on business, she jumps at it. But the dream turns into a nightmare when, leaving the museum, Mikah is hit by a car. She wakes in 1856, surrounded by strangers—except for one familiar face: her fantasy Highlander.

Living took him away. Or did it?

Mikah believes she’s dreaming, but as days and weeks pass, she must accept she’s been sent back in time, to a past life, one she has had flashes of memories of for years. In 1856 she’s a widow. Her deceased husband was a Marquess—the new Marquess, her handsome dream man, Ian Conagham. But someone wants to take the title from Ian—and whoever it is will do anything to gain sovereignty. Even murder. As Mikah and Ian are caught up in the deceit and danger of a villain’s quest for power, the line that separates past and present will be blurred.

When the mist of time clears, where will Mikah be? More importantly, who will she be?  — and will Ian be at her side?

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