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Nothing but time on her hands...


   An awkward first date with a quantum physicist ends not with a goodnight kiss but a science experiment gone wrong that send them both hurling back in time.  Stranded in the past with only a fading hope that she’ll ever make it home, Kate takes a job as a maid to pass the time and ends up with more than she bargained for. 

   Brandon Ryder, the Earl of Harrowby, is a far cry from any man the 21st century had ever produced.  He’s commanding, austere, aristocratic, true, but he’s also smart, caring, funny and … magnificent.  To Kate, who’d never imagined all those qualities could exist in a single man, his appeal is undeniable. Irresistible.


Nothing but time can tear them apart


   Brand has spent a lifetime bound by the rules of Society and one of those rules is that a gentleman doesn’t trifle with the help.  However, Kate Kallastad is no ordinary employee. 

   His lovely new maid challenges him at every turn, astounding him with her forthright manner, plain speech and by her astonishing audacity to treat him not as an Earl of the realm... but as a mere mortal man. 


   Tragedy forces Kate to make a decision that impacts both of their lives. When the time comes for Brand to make a choice of his own, where will time and love lead him?

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