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Thoroughly enjoying the laird series, in fact read Taken in one day, leaving children to fend for themselves and a note on my door stating that my name is not mum today and basically enter at your peril...

Such escapism is much needed for the soul, just thankful that talented people like your good self are here for us, ensuring that we manage to escape a lesser reality that we have created for ourselves. Gosh that sounds really depressing but not meant to!

Just a big thank you sweety for very very well written, engaging and just bloody marvellous books.

Sharon B. - Yorkshire, England

I have just finished A QUESTION For Harry......please please please tell me that you will continue this series!

Cyndee M.

I just wanted to let you know that this week was the first time I read one of your novel, "A Question of Love" and just finished, "A Question of Trust".  I have to say, I feel in my soul, the passion between your hero/heroines', (especially Francis and Eve) and I read quite a bit. The emotions I feel when I read your books...  A book doesn't usually bring me to tears but when Jack was saying goodbye to Kitty and Hannah in "A Question of Trust" I was weeping...  Thank you for your books and your style of writing :) I am greatly anticipating more!!!


I absolutely LOVE the way you write! I have read everything I could find on my Nook that was written by you. I can hardly wait to read your next book! I have laughed and I have cried reading your work. You are the best!

Karen J.

Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your awesome books!  I just finished Taken and A Laird for All Time, and promptly bought the others in the series.  Yours are the kinds of books that you're sad when you've finished them because you don't want to leave the world it's drawn you into.  I'll have to check out the Questions series, as well.  Many thanks for your work.  I love it!

Kathlyn P.

LOVE....LOVE....LOVE your books!!!!!  I am currently re-reading them all again.  Keep up the GREAT stories & looking forward to a new series based in Scotland sometime.  THANKS!!!

Janie B.

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