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What is it that holds them back? Is it love? Trust? A fear that what they feel is no more than lust? These are the questions the siblings of clan MacKintosh seek the answers to in the Questions for a Highlander series.

The Perfect Question
Richard MacKintosh returned from Egypt wounded, in body and in spirit. Determined to force the government to search for the brothers-at arms he left behind, he has no time for distractions...until Abby Merrill comes back into his life. The once brash, bossy tomboy he once knew is now a lovely sophisticated woman who stirs anything but brotherly feelings.
But Abby has a few demons of her own. If they have any chance at a future together, they must first free themselves from the past.

A Question of Love
Since meeting Eve Preston years before, Francis MacKintosh has become a man embittered by life, a disgraceful wife, and the scandalous divorce that has darkened his family's name. He never thought that fate would bring Eve back into his life or that he would dare to love and trust once more. But for his bonny lass, he's willing to take a chance.
If only he can convince Eve to do the same!

A Question of Trust
When Jack Merrill inherits not only a title of Earl of Haddington but the devastating debt that comes with it, his friends convince him that there is no better way to gain quick wealth than to marry into it! On the hunt for a wealthy bride, Jack stumbles upon the perfect solution. Kitty Hayes is everything her sister Eve was not–full of a fire and spirit that challenges him. She's also possesses Eve's finest quality—the fortune he needs. But Kitty is a married woman and swears never to wed again once she gets the divorce she longs for.

When Jack becomes first friend then lover then rescuer, can Kitty set aside her troubled past, and not only love, but trust again?

A Question of Lust
Moira MacKenzie is thrilled that the man she loved for so long is coming home again believing he'd been killed in action five years before...until she remembers one thing. She may have loved Vin MacKintosh, but he'd never loved her back.
Tormented by his years as a prisoner of war, Vin must readapt to a world far different from the one he left and Moira offers the friendship and encouragement he desperately needs to carry on.
However, he discovers he cannot see her as sister any longer. She is a woman…one too desirable to resist. Will it be too late before he realizes that what he feels is more than a mere question of lust?

A Question for Harry
They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. As one of them, Fiona MacKintosh isn't inclines to entrust her heart to a man again. Especially not the same man!
But there's just something about Harry Brudenall and when danger looms unexpectedly, and it is her life rather than her heart that is in peril, Fiona soon realizes that there is only one man she wants to turn to.

A Question Worth Asking
Primrose Eames has more than enough men trying to control her already. There's no chance she’ll relent and marry again, despite her brothers’ dogged “encouragement” on the matter. What she needs is a decoy and James MacKintosh is just the man for the job.
James is happy to engage in a false courtship with Prim for reasons of his own. However, he soon discovers that even a fictitious courtship with a woman set on never remarrying has its own challenges.

A Question for the Ages
For more than two years, Piper Brudenall has successfully hidden herself away. She'd be a fool to let her guard down now, however when Connor MacKintosh comes along offering a friendly ear, a helping hand, and something more unexpected, she’s torn between her head and the heart that knows he's a man like no other.
As her past catches up with her, can she learn to trust Connor with not only her heart but her life?
That’s a question for the ages.

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